What Do You Like?

We all have things we like  and dislike.  We spend our lives  choosing our favorites and rejecting things that don't appeal to us.   What do you like?


RED, RED, RED!!  Aaah!  I always think I should use another color but when its time to glaze, I find myself reaching for the red glaze.  Do you have a favorite color?  Color preference starts young.  My 2 year old grand daughter loves everything blue.  I will be watching her to see if that changes over the years.


And I really like little pops or teasers of Red.  Red combined with black and white are also a favorite.  I have often seen something and thought - “If only they would have added a bit of red!”


What is your favorite color?  Do you use it in decorating?  Is your closet full of it? Is it the color of your car?  My car is white - I really think it needs a little red stripe.


Textures!  On top of textures!  Beside another texture!  Under a different texture!  Oh, how I love to mix them up, layer them and develop favorites.  Are there certain textures you like? 

Circles, dots, polka dots, square dots,  always attract my attention.  And they work their way into most of my clay creations.  I also love to put them with stripes.  What textures and shapes are you drawn to?

Form or shape

Forms and shapes are a personal passion of mine.  I have sketchbooks full of drawings of different shapes I might be able to create.  My favorite part of the creating process is figuring out the pattern or template I need  in order to make a specific form.  I like things angular, asymmetrical, and often wonky.  Oh, how I love wonky!


Do you have favorite shapes and forms?  Are you intrigued when you see something in a new shape or form?  I certainly am.


Do you like surprises?  Do you need to control things?  When working with clay, I try to control the outcome.  But clay has a mind of its own sometimes and results can be quite different than I envisioned.  Often I really like the result and strive to figure out how to make it happen again.    I try to embrace serendipity and  learn to let go of control and go with it.  How do you feel about happy accidents?

Own It

Personal preferences are an interesting human characteristic to ponder.  Choices may be innate or influenced by the experiences in our lives.  They may change over time, or they might stay the same.  Some are very confident of their preferences while many are shy to express them.  Some pay close attention and others may not give it a thought.   There are really no right or wrong choices.   If you like it, you like it.  Some things appeal to you and some things don't.  What do you like?