My website is new and I am celebrating this by offering free shipping to all orders shipping to Continental United States of America.  If you live outside this area, please contact me by e-mail.   


I recycle.  I continuously receive packages shipped to me.  They typically arrive in perfectly reusable boxes.  So I reuse them.  Don't be surprised if your shipment arrives in a random box with a company label on it that makes no sense to you.  I realize this does not appear very professional, but seriously, it is the most practical.

Damage in Shipment

I will insure every shipment.  If we need to file a claim, there are some hoops to jump through, like photographing the package and breakage, which will need to be done by you.  But by working together, we can solve the problem.  And I will get busy remaking the piece for you.  Keep in mind, everything I do is one of a kind - perfectly duplicating a piece hasn't happened yet, but I can get real close.

My policy with regard to shipping is that I will get it packed up and out to you as quickly as I can.  I am just one person, creating one of a kind art in my home studio.  And thankfully, I have a life.  I travel, visit relatives, and have many week-end outings.  If I happen to be out of town when I receive your order, I will get to it the first thing upon my arrival back in the studio.  And, as always, I will communicate with you about what kind of timing you can expect.

When can you expect to receive shipment?

Return Policy

If you receive one of my pieces and decide it isn't going to work for you, you can return it for a refund.  You must package it carefully.  You must cover the cost of shipping.  You must also insure it with the shipper.  When I receive it, I will issue the refund to you.  If it is damaged in shipment, we will have to work with your shipping insurance to get the cost of the piece covered.  I do need to receive notice that you are shipping a piece back within 30 days.

That said, I would also encourage you to consider other options rather than returning the piece.  Perhaps you could give it as a gift.